July 30, 2016

Photographer FAQ: How to Sell Photos Online

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 Who We Are and What We Do

What is Scopio?  

Hello! We’re Scopio, an image search engine and licensing platform for trending images and videos on social media.

Scopio offers our users a way for companies to license photos with customizable messages and build libraries of visual user-generated content. We’re also looking for people like you that want to sell photos online (or even videos). We know you post one great photo or video to social media but have 10 more amazing ones on your phone, so we created an easier way for you to submit to us. Clients either search a tag or keyword find your image through us and send you a message, or you can contribute directly and we add it to our library. With Scopio, it’s easy to sell photos online.

For right now, we’re based out of Silicon Valley, California. Yay, sunny weather!

How did you find my photo or video? How can I sell photos online?

We found your photo or video through a hashtag campaign or trend that we or our clients follow. You can also submit photos or videos directly to us.

Will you spam me if I add my email?

Don’t worry, we’ll never spam you or sell your information. We know how annoying spam emails from companies are. If you’d like to chat with us or follow us, you can do so by heading over to our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.

What are valid file types for uploading? 

We accept png, jpeg, jpg, gif, bmp, mp4 and mov files, but you can also email different file types to info@scop.io. We’ll convert and upload them for you.

What is the maximum amount of photos I can upload at once? 

As many as you’d like, but 50 photos at a time is best! Uploading more interesting, high-quality photos will increase your chances of being scoped out by companies and paid. If you want to submit your content, click here.


How do I know if someone uses my image?

We’ll notify you via email within a month of its publication, so keep an eye on your personal inbox.

How much will my photo or video sell for?

Scopio generally pays between $2 to $1,000 per use of a photo or video, but pricing depends on how a client uses the image and who they are. You’ll be paid more if a well-known client uses your photo. Please note that if a nonprofit or live event uses your photo or video, there is no payment. These clients operated on a “global citizen” agreement!

Has someone published my photo or video yet?

We’ll be sure to let you know via email. Don’t worry if your photo isn’t picked up immediately — it’ll remain in our library to find a perfect match in the future.

When do I have to download Venmo?

You can download Venmo after a client uses your photo, and we’ll send you an email when that happens. If Venmo isn’t available where you live, we can arrange payment via Paypal.

Who will buy my photo or video? 

Our clients include companies, brands, nonprofits, media outlets and people sponsoring live events. These people truly want to connect with their audience and expand their name by launching a hashtag campaign or following trends on social media. They’re looking to use your unique images and videos in place of stale stock photos. Once a client reaches out to us, we curate images from people like you and then pay you per use of your photo or video when they use it.

When do I get paid? 

We try our best to pay you within a month of your image being used. We will also send you an email with an alert and payment instructions.

How do I get paid? 

We’ll arrange a payment method with you over email. We generally pay photographers using Venmo, but we also use PayPal for those outside the US.

Venmo isn’t available in my country. Can I be paid via PayPal? 

Yes, in our email to you you can respond back to us requesting this.

What happened? Why didn’t you transfer my money?

We’ll notify you by email as soon as we get word that your photo has been published by one of our clients.

Licensing and Legality

Before I click into an unknown link, could you describe the picture and its purpose of use?

We’re looking for authentic pictures that companies can use to tell their stories. If they use a photo originally posted on social media, we pay the photographer for it. Companies are looking for your photos because they speak to people more than stock photos do. Our clients generally use photos they license from Scopio in their blogs, websites, social media feeds, ad campaigns and marketing materials.

What happens after I give the rights to my photo away?

If you agree to a non-exclusive license, we request to promote your photo or video to companies and brands. If it’s used by a client, we’ll pay you like a freelance photographer (except in cases where the client is a charity or live event). However, Scopio still gives you additional sharing power. You can resell the photo or video under other non-exclusive provisions.

Will the image be sold commercially?

Hopefully, yes! It could be today, next week or even next month. It all depends on when the company decides to use it.

Does my @account information show?

No. The benefit of Scopio is that we treat you like a freelance photographer. That means that your profile information is kept private as if you sold the photo. The company can request your profile information, but they don’t need to credit you if they use your photo.

Do I get to resell my photo?

If the client asks for a non-exclusive license, then yes. You still own the photo and can sell it to anyone else you’d like. Additionally, your photo remains in our library and can be used by other companies. With Scopio’s non-exclusive agreement, you can be paid multiple times for your work.

Can I agree to the conditions if I’m under 18?

No, you have to be 18 years old to sell photos online. Hang in there, slugger, or get a parent or guardian to sign the link with their email. Reach out to us at info@scop.io if this happens.

Does the agreement apply for countries outside of the United States?

Of course! We live in a global village, so Scopio collects diverse content from over 80 countries. Our clients search in all languages, so you may get a message in Italian or Spanish!

Can I give the rights away if it’s not my image or video?

No, and this is very important. We will only request the rights from you if you’re the original photographer. Let’s keep it real here. If it’s not your image, please let us know after we contact you, and don’t agree to the terms as the agreement will be void. Honesty is the best policy, and it’ll keep you out of legal trouble.

Will you take all of my pictures or videos from Twitter or Instagram?

No — we’ll seek permission for each photo individually, but you can submit more pictures here. We can only ask for rights of photos that are personally shared by photographers with #Scopio hashtags or ones that we’ve scoped out ourselves through trending hashtags.

Will Scopio tell me who uses my images?

We’ll be sure to let you know when your photo is used. Since we collect images, it could be tomorrow or months from now when you’re paid ten or twenty times a day for companies that love your amazing photograph. Sit back and relax — we’ve stored your email to contact you when it happens.

Submitting Photos

I have other pictures, so how do I submit them?

Scopio has a submit page if you’d like to add more photos to our library. More photos from you in our library means an increased chance of being scoped out in the future.

I never got a confirmation email.

Did you upload your photos to Scopio’s submit page? If so, no worries — we don’t send out confirmation emails for those submissions. You should just be redirected to a confirmation page right after uploading your work.

What kind of photos are companies looking for?

We have an array of clients working toward different goals, so any type of great photo you’ve taken will work just fine. However, many of our clients are looking for photos related to travel, entrepreneurship, business, lifestyle and family. Check out our Instagram account for inspiration! We post photos every week that are similar to ones our clients use.

Scopio is the industry’s premier search and licensing platform for images and videos on social media. We help companies find and use the photos and videos that matter to their audience, from capturing content to evaluating the analytics on campaigns. Wondering how you can leverage UGC to help you tout your brand? Request a demo with the button below or email info@scop.io.

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