Discovery & Use

Any company or individual looking for relevant visual user generated images on social platforms, can discover, use and publish content.


Find user generated photos & videos posted on social platforms, Instagram and Twitter. Directly add hashtags and keywords associated with your topic, brand, project, or campaign, and our indexing algorithm will filter the images you have been looking for all in one place!

The graphic for step one in the how it works for Scopio clients. They can search and find user-generated photos and videos.


We curate original photos & videos. You can filter images according to date, popularity, and social platform. This is important for real-time campaigns where you want the most recent and most shared content.

The graphic for step two in the how it works for Scopio clients. Scopio's machine learning algorithm curates original user-generated photos and videos.


Send multiple messages to contributors that include a copyright agreement. The person agrees to license their photo by simply clicking a link that is included in the message. Eliminate the manual and time consuming process of asking for permissions. Do it more effectively and legally.

Step three for Scopio clients to send license requests original user-generated photos and videos.


Publish user generated images online, after they're licensed, and broaden and strengthen your content pool. Our model includes financial reward to photographers.

Step Four for Scopio clients to publish original user-generated photos and videos.


Measure the success of your social campaigns, and increase user engagement.


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Step five for Scopio clients to measure engagement of user-generated photos and videos.

Publishing & Selling

Anyone who loves taking pictures and wants a broader audience can publish and sell their photos/videos.


You snap a great photo/video.

Step one where Scopio contributors share user-generated photos and videos to social media.

Tag & Upload

You upload it on social media and apply relevant hashtags to it.

To reach us directly, apply any Scopio hashtag from the list below.



wearables, IOT, VR


entertainment, concerts/live events, celebrities



design, beauty, luxury, jewelry, fashion events



healthy life, yoga, sports, fitness



family, animals


daily activities


family, foods


daily activities



Already posted an image that you want to share with us? Don't worry, Instagram allows you to edit the caption and add tags. On twitter, you will have to re-upload the image.

Step two where contributors have the option to tag user-generated photos and videos with Scopio hasgtags or upload them directly to Scopio platform.


We scope out the most trending hashtags of the day and specific topics that are on demand. Clients are looking to inspire a human element to online content, by using your images from Instagram and Twitter.

Step three where Scopio finds user-generated photos and videos from social media.


If we like your image, we shoot you a message to request to license your photos & videos. Gain a broader audience and get published!

Step four where Scopio send out license requests to contributors of user-generated photos and videos.

Get Paid

Get paid for your image through the secure app, Venmo, or bitcoin if the image/video is sold.

We will alert you by email when your image has been published, with payment and processing details.

Step five where Scopio pays contributors for their user-generated photos and videos.