"We need Instagram images. Our product is a pacifier medication dispenser that parents use to give medicine to their babies. Showing how to use it, and before and after videos would be incredibly helpful for us. Pacidose is our first product, upon which we are building a reputation for the company. Everyone (6 part-time employees) is affected. Our sales and image depend on showing how easy this product is to use. We now have to contact friends with babies to set up photo and video shoots. It is costly and time consuming, and frankly, not "real life".

UGC Is Priceless. User Generated Images show parents how easy Pacidose is. Also, as a doctor, I feel ethically driven to not solicit parents to send in pictures of their kids using Pacidose, because I do not want to imply that it's OK to give medicine to your child just for the sake of a paid photo opportunity. But, if parents are already using it, I welcome that documentation. There is no other product like Pacidose on the market, so it's very important to show everyday moms, dads and caregivers using it."

Dr. Agnes Scoville
Pacidose -- invented by a doctor, inspired by a daughter

“When we are looking for images to use with our materials, we have a hard time googling for the right image. The ones that we do find are always stock images on websites that cost significant amounts of money. In addition, most of those images are taken by a photographer and seem very unnatural and staged. Social media has more candid images but they are hard to find. Searching by hashtag gives you recent items or most popular items but nothing that is exactly related. Instead of searching for hours, we would use a platform like Scopio to give us the perfect image, and handling the licensing.”

Houtan Fanisalek
Chief Technical Officer
SideProjects Inc.

"I just setup my company website through Squarespace and finding photos to use was a pain, so I can relate to the pain points Scopio relieves."

Harsh Mody
Mody Data Solutions

"We have hundreds of pictures posted to social media with the hashtag #​t​inysuperheroes. ​We use Scopio. I log in everyday to see new original images people have posted wearing their cape! I am able to reach out to specific people from my twitter and instagram accounts, via scopio, and ask them if I can use their heartwarming images on my social pages and website. The person receives a message as a comment on instagram and a reply on twitter from our account, agreeing to share by adding their email to a shortened link in the message. Once they do that that image goes to approved, it lives with all our other approved images so we can use them to raise more awareness for our important cause."

Robyn Rosenberger